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Rain Gold Group of Companies has achieved high levels of repute in the industry for manufacturing a wide range of pipes and coils composed of stainless steel, quartz powder, refractory grade calcined bauxite and scrap of old ships or boats. Since its inception, the company has been exceeding the expectation of customers by offering quality products and services.

Rain Gold Group of Companies is based in Gujarat with centers and customers all across the globe.

Following are the group companies dealing with different products:
1) Rati Engineering : For All Types of Government Civil Projects
2) Raudra Technocrats : For All Types of Government Infrastructure Projects
3) Shrinathji Tube Industries : For Stainless Steel Pipes & Coils,
4) Rain Gold Resources & Mines Pvt. Ltd. : For Quartz Powder ,
5) Marvelore Mining & Allied Industries (P) Ltd. : For Refractory Grade Calcined Bauxite
6) Tripura Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. : For Scrap of old Ship/Boat.

Long lasting relationships

Rain Gold Group of Companies has decades of experience in the industry. Empowered with rich experience and years of familiarity, the company very well understands the requirements of customers. The extensive knowledge of the market gives Rain Gold Group an edge in the competition. With veteran and dedicated professionals on board, the company draws its strength from their aptitude and acquaintance with the industry. The primary objective of the company is to maintain long lasting relationships with the customers through quality, consistency and innovation.

Concern for the Environment

Due to continuous interaction with the environment at several points, Rain Gold Group makes sure that it remains the primary concern. Through various activities, the company executes its responsibility towards environment. Rain Gold Group does not desire to succeed on the cost of environment by harming it in any manner. The company follows all the rules and regulations and adheres to them strictly.

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Rain Gold Group is reputed for its state-of-the-art infrastructure that is steadily expanding to incorporate growing demands of the customers. The production unit of the company is replete with cutting-edge machineries that are technologically advanced, performing and executing the required activities. The company designs and develops required units as per the demands of the customers.

The research and development department of the company is geared to innovate and achieve high standards of performance.

Our Clientele

Rain Gold Group has created a high repute at the domestic front, offering quality products and excellent service to the customers. With centers at several countries across the globe, the company has created an extensive clientele base. Rain Gold Group has become a well-known brand known for quality and consistency.



To achieve business excellence through consistency, To ensure growth through quality and innovation, To ensure maximum utilization of resources, To set high standards of performance in the industry, To adhere to all rules and regulations set by Government, To offer healthy work environment to the employees, To contribute towards development of communities.


Rain Gold Group aspires to be a well-known and respectable brand around the globe, reputed for manufacturing and offering several products that set high standards of performance


Rain Gold Group stands as a source of inspiration in the industry for its respect for people and performance.

The company has been inspiring others with its quality products and drive for innovation. The main objective of the company is to maintain long lasting relations through integrity, trust and transparency.